As a business committed to corporate responsible practices and continual improvement, Bonn Metals Construction Industries (BMCI) is always exploring new horizons, going deeper, working harder and intelligently evolving its operations for the benefit of its clients and the sector.

Bonn About
In 10+
Capacity of
80000 Tons

BMCI partners with key players in Middle East, Africa and India, where BMCI has been selected to supply its cable management and supports systems. Further applications have been in the Petrochemical and Liquefied Natural Gas Industries as an authority on Cable Management in extreme Environments. Given the nature of these critical requirements, our team not only supplies but, as an authority in the “extreme environment” consults with the main engineering houses regarding suitable materials and technical design choice that will meet their needs.

BMCI was founded in 2011 and has experience of manufacturing cable tray systems & fastners in which it has grown to become a market leader. This growth was achieved by offering unmatched quality in both service and products. Today, BMCI stands alone in its customer service resources with cable tray fabrication location at four locations throughout in MENA Region.

Strategically located facilities alone do not generate unmatched service.

The professional staff at BMCI knowledgeable, energetic, and care about customer needs. The right attitude coupled with the facilities does generate unsurpassed customer service. Our product offerings also set new standards. BMCI manufactures cable support product lines that bridge both the electrical and telecom markets. Each of those product lines are engineered to provide top performance while offering unique installation savings.