Angle & Channel

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What is angle/channel?

Angle bar is also known as the angle iron. It is a long steel which has two sides that are perpendicular to each other. Angle are found generally as L-shaped and they have degrees such as 90◦ between them. There are two types of angle depending on whether the legs of the ‘L’ are equal or unequal in length.

Angles are usually made up of stainless steel and because of this composition; they are very resistant to corrosion and heat.

Steel channel is a structural material made of steel. It has a C-cross section, a vertical back (also known as a web) and two horizontal extensions at the top and bottom (called flanges). Channels are often used in buildings’ rafters or studs and can be used to create vehicle frames

Manufacturing of angle/channel

An angle bar is fabricated from hot-rolled carbon steel or from a high strength low alloy steel. It can also be made of galvanized steel.

A steel channel is made from a hot rolled mild steel. The inside corners of the steel channel have their specific radii, and these radii give the channel the strength and rigidity to be used for other structural and construction projects.

They are usually made to dimensional standards ASTM 36. After hot rolling, the angle bars and steel channels undergo additional processes after which they are painted or galvanized so they can be corrosion resistant.

Types of angle / channel

We have a complete selection of angles and channels available at Bonn Metal Construction Industries. They all have unique characteristics; and these characteristics are what are applied to give them different applications.


C Channel

 C Channel is a long strip of steel with a groove-shaped section. It is a carbon structural steel for construction and machinery. It is a section steel with a complex section and its cross-sectional shape is a groove. Channel steel can be divided into 4 types according to its shape: cold-formed equal-side channel steel, cold-formed unequal-side channel steel, cold-formed inner-coiled channel steel, and cold-formed outer-coiled channel.

At the same height, light channel steel has narrower legs, thinner waist and lighter weight than ordinary channel steel. No. 18-40 is large channel steel, and No. 5-16 channel steel is medium-sized channel steel. Imported channel steel indicates the actual size and relevant standards. The import and export orders of channel steel are generally based on the specications required in use after the corresponding carbon steel (or low alloy steel) steel grade is determined. Except for the specication number, channel steel has no specic composition and performance series.


H beam

The H-beam has wide flanges, because of this it is referred to as WF or wide flange beams. H-beams mostly used in constructing bridges and buildings, trailers or cranes.

The specifications of H beam are expressed as height × flange width with each having a standard cross section dimension in mm.

Height × Flange width Standard cross section
100 × 100 8
125 × 125 8
150 × 150 8
175 × 175 13
200 × 200 13
250 × 250 13
300 × 300 13
350 × 350 13
400 × 400 22



I beam

An I-beam has smaller flanges when compared to the H-beam as well as tapered edged. It is generally used to support trusses and in building framework.

The horizontal element of the I-beam is the flanges while the vertical element is the web.  The beam is specified technically as flange width × web width with both the flanges and web having thicknesses.


Grade A572Grade 50, A36,Q235,Q345,Q195,Q215,S235JR/S235/S2355JR/S2355
flange width 100-350 mm
flange thickness 3-14mm
web width 150-600mm
web thickness 3-12mm


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