Cable Tray

There are many kinds of wirings which are being done in buildings. Electrical Wiring is one of them where cable tray is used. Cable tray is a system which is used for power transmission as well as distribution and sometimes even used in communication systems. Cable tray is used when changes of wiring is involved because you need a special case or a tray where cables can accumulate easily. And because of its wide uses, you can find many cable tray manufacturers in UAE.

These cable trays are made up of various kinds of materials but Metar as Cable Tray Manufacturers in UAE use stainless steel, galvanized steel, glass-fiber reinforced plastic and sometimes even aluminum. Usually manufacturers use stainless steel for its manufacturing but as per the situation and conditions, different materials are also used. Galvanized steel tray is made after fabricating and cutting the steel sheet into proper shape. It is then painted with a zinc rich compound. These trays provide extra protection to the cables which extend the life of these cables. These trays also provide ventilation to enhance the life of cables. Standard length is 2500mm, height can vary from 30mm to 100mm and width can vary from 40mm to 1000mm.

Different types of Cable Tray

There are many cable tray suppliers in UAE who are renowned to create different types of cable trays for using them under different circumstances. Cable Trays are also manufactured in the same way. There is a cable trough which is used to carry the cables which is also known as cable channel. The cable trays which are available in market accordingly are as follows:

  • Light Duty Cable tray, also known as P Type.
  • Medium Duty Cable Tray, also known as M Type.
  • Heavy Duty Cable Tray, also known as R Type.
  • Light Duty Cable Tray or LDT which are used for light duty applications and are easy to install.
  • Medium Duty Cable Tray or MDT is used to provide extra protection and strength to the cable components which improves the life of these cables.
  • Heavy Duty Cable Tray or HDT, it is used for extra protection and is installed very easily and have high accessibility.

Bonn Group is considered to be the best cable tray manufacturers in Dubai that also deals in creating the below mentioned variety of trays.

  • Wrap Over Coupler
  • Bend Coupler
  • Plate Coupler
  • Blind End
  • Fastenings
  • Divider
  • U Coupler
  • Fish Plate and many other.

These cable trays are used as they provide extra protection to the wires and improve their life. These are also used to avoid any discomfort to the cables and prevent them from getting damaged. But these cable trays need regular cleaning as dust particles settle on them easily. So to protect your system and cables, always use cable trays.

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