General FAQs:

Cable management involves organizing your cables and hardware to be easily identifiable and troubleshoot. This task takes the edge off any future upgrades or repairs and gives your setup a professional look.

Primarily project-based, with some trading activities as well

Our products are manufactured at our factory premises situated in Al Sajja, Sharjah

Yes, all our products adhere to BS EN standards.

Certainly, you can request a brochure or portfolio.

We operate Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Production runs around the clock, while service is available from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

We take pride in being manufacturers who offer top-quality materials at competitive prices. Our commitment to maintaining rigorous quality standards guarantees products that consistently surpass your expectations. Moreover, our endorsement from government authorities highlights our dedication to compliance and dependability. By selecting us, you can rest assured that you're partnering with a trusted supplier who not only delivers outstanding quality but also adheres to all regulatory requirements. In summary, our blend of superior quality, competitive pricing, and government approval makes us the ideal choice for your requirements.

We have the prestigious ICV - IN-COUNTRY VALUE ( 39.76%), ISO-9001:2015, and the CE - European Conformity.
Sajaa Industrial Area ,Sharjah.

This is possible with prior appointment.

Cable trays are mechanical support systems that provide a rigid structural system for electrical cables, raceways, and insulated conductors used for electric power distribution, control, signal instrumentation, and communication.

We provide coating certificates, test certificates, and Mill test certificates (MTC)

Yes, this is possible with a prior appointment.

BMCI was founded in 2011.

We cater to high-profile clients from both governmental and private sectors. Among our esteemed clientele are Abu Dhabi Airports, Abu Dhabi Municipality, Abu Dhabi Sea Port, Empower, SEWA, Etihad Energy, Musanada, ADWEA, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, Emirates, Azizi Developments, and more.

Bonn Metals assures its quality through rigorous quality control procedures, adherence to industry standards, and investment in advanced technology.

Bonn Metals is highly competitive, maximizing its potential and achieving significant turnover compared to its competitors in the industry.

Bonn Metals runs production around the clock with a production capacity of 7500 tons for cable management.

Bonn Metals Construction Industries is our company name and Metar is our product brand name.

Raw material based FAQs:

We do keep a certain amount of stock, and the lead time varies according to the quantity required.

Product based FAQs:

Certainly, we offer consultancy services for both thickness and finish selection. Our products primarily feature GI or hot-dipped finishes, with stainless steel being the premium option, offering the highest quality albeit at a higher cost.

Certainly, we receive numerous specialized inquiries and requests, particularly for customizations in cable tray dimensions, perforation diameter, and flange specifications.

Yes, all products are manufactured by Bonn Metals except for hardware.

We may be able to accommodate special requests depending on the client's preferences.

Mostly, this is provided by the electrical contractor / client.

We abstain from engaging in this practice. However, the hardware like nuts, bolts, etc. are outsourced.

You can do so if they are suitable, as our design will vary and accessory fittings will be adjusted accordingly to match the lengths.


The suitability relies on the cable's dimensions, which are entirely determined by the installation personnel. A 2.5mm cable with 4-5 wires can fit into a 50x50 cable tray.

The zinc coating of hot-dipped galvanized steel will last in the harshest soil is 35 to 50 years and in less corrosive soil 75 years or more.

Generally, stainless steel is known for its durability and resistance to corrosion, making it a long-lasting material choice for many applications. In some cases, stainless steel structures and components can last for several decades or even a lifetime.

Beyond offering long-lasting protection, powder coating materials add such benefits as abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, electrical resistance, reduced or increased friction, easy cleaning, impact resistance, or vibration deadening.

It is always recommended for users to use outdoor PVC flex cables for outdoor wiring.

1- Ladder Cable Tray,
2- Wire Mesh Cable Tray,
3- Perforated Cable Tray

Galvanized iron, hot dip galvanized, stainless steel, Aluminum, powder coating, and epoxy coating.

All products have the same type of coating, namely, Galvanized iron, hot dip galvanized, stainless steel, Aluminum, powder coating and epoxy coating.

It is the same as all other products. Galvanized iron, hot dip galvanized, stainless steel, Aluminum, powder coating, and epoxy coating.

We Manufacture and total of 8 products:

  • Cable tray
  • Cable trunking
  • Unistrut Channel
  • Cable Ladder
  • Steel Lintels
  • Underfloor Trunking System
  • Wire Mesh Tray
  • Coils & Sheets
  • Angle & Channel

BS EN standard for all material.


The standard sizes are 50x50, 75x75 , 100x100

We provide cable trays with various finishes and flange options:

  • Wire Mesh Cable Tray
  • Finishes available:
    • Galvanized (Gi)
    • Hot-Dip Galvanized (HDG)
    • Stainless Steel (SS304, SS316)
  • Flange options:
    • Outside return flange
    • Inside return flange

Standard width for Cable Tray:

  • 100mm
  • 150mm
  • 200mm
  • 225mm
  • 300mm
  • 450mm
  • 600mm

Heavy, medium, and light-duty trays are not defined by their height.



  • Delivery on site
  • Material approval with a consultant
  • If any customized requirements come in between projects, we also try to fulfill as much as we can.


We have 2 sizes for Channels, regular and standard.

The standard sizes for channels are: 41x41 and 41x21.

  • GI (Pre Galvanized)
  • Hot dip Galvanizing
  • SS304
  • SS316

Weather influences the durability of materials, with local conditions varying from one location to another. Whether situated offshore, by the seaside, or in a chemical factory, factors like moisture and certain molecules can accelerate the deterioration of steel.

Trunking systems comply with the BS EN standards.

Typically, there are 1-2-3 compartments, which can be adjusted based on customer preferences if needed.

Certainly possible, although the minimum height will be 50mm and the thickness will be 1.5mm.

For outdoor applications, hot dip galvanized (HDG) coating is preferred.

Yes, couplers in cable trays comes in pairs usually. However, if someone requires a single item, we can accommodate that as well.

Epoxy paint demonstrates robust performance, withstanding chemicals and harsh conditions effectively. On the other hand, powder coating elevates durability, providing excellent resistance against chips, scratches, and corrosion. This makes it particularly suitable for outdoor environments or high-traffic areas.

Delivery based FAQs:

Delivery times may vary and sometimes delays are experienced due to shipment delays of raw materials based on order quantity of special grade or type, although this is uncommon. Typically, most deliveries are punctual. Product discoloration can occur from mishandling, such as exposure to humidity, fog, or adverse weather conditions. We provide packaging and handling guidelines to mitigate such risks. Additionally, clients are presented with unaffected micron measurements of the zinc coating using an Elcometer for assurance.

The possibility of requesting a specific delivery date depends on factors such as the material finish and the value of the order.

For small orders where the material finish is determined before fabrication, we provide next-day delivery. Typically, for Hot-Dip Galvanized (HDG) orders, materials are supplied within 7-10 days. Additionally, for standard items, there are often opportunities to expedite delivery even further.

Yes, we do supply base posts.