PPR Pipes

Water is the driving force behind human civilization and it is the invention of pipes that have made it possible to circulate it across the globe. Without pipes, it would have been difficult for the societies to progress, especially in desert region. Bonn Metal and Construction Industriesis one of the best PPR pipes supplier in […]

Cable Ladder

Suited for the extra heavy duty cables, the cable ladder helps to maintain long lengths of cables that have been coupled and also the fittings that go along with the cables.

Wire Mesh Tray

Similar to the cable ladders, the cable trays are designed by the cable management, UAE to reduce the damages that are caused to the open wiring system.

Steel lintels

Lintels are generally defined as the horizontal structure that is placed across an opening in order to support the structure that is present right above it.

Unistrut Channel UAE

The metal framing systems serves as the beam or the support for the layout of the cable channels.

Cable Trunking

Manufactures and produced under the guidelines of BS 4678 part-1, the cable trunking in UAE, has been introduced to provide a system to make sure that the wiring system is managed properly and laid out without any form of mix up.

Hot Dip Galvanisation

Hot Dip Galvanisation is a type of galvanization done by coating the steel and iron with zinc so that it becomes corrosion proof in many situations. The reaction between the base metal and the coating results first in zinc oxide and then in zinc carbonate, which is a reasonably strong metal. This galvanized steel is […]

Cable Tray

There are many kinds of wirings which are being done in buildings. Electrical Wiring is one of them where cable tray is used.

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