Cable Tray

Bonn Group is considered to be the best cable tray manufacturer in UAE. Bonn Metal is an ADNOC-approved Vendor and esteemed supplier of EXPO 2020.

Cable Trunking

Manufactures and produced under the guidelines of BS 4678 part-1, the cable trunking, has been introduced to provide a system to make sure that the wiring system is managed properly and laid out without any form of mix-up.

Unistrut Channel

The metal framing systems serves as the beam or the support for the layout of the cable channels.

Cable Ladder

Suited for the extra heavy duty cables, the cable ladder helps to maintain long lengths of cables that have been coupled and also the fittings that go along with the cables.

Steel lintels

Lintels are generally defined as the horizontal structure that is placed across an opening in order to support the structure that is present right above it.

Wire Mesh Tray

Similar to the cable ladders, the cable trays are designed by the cable management, UAE to reduce the damages that are caused to the open wiring system.

Coil & Sheets

Bonn Metal Construction Industries have a wide range of coils and sheets in stock ready for delivery to construction and automobile industries. They can be delivered in the UAE as well as in the countries where we have partners through our global network.

Angle & Channel

At Bonn Metal Construction Industries, we have established ourselves as the leading distributor in supplying steel structures in UAE. From UAE, we have branched out and partnered with other leading brands and now we have presence in over 10 countries spread throughout the Middle East, in Africa and India. What is angle/channel? Angle bar is […]

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